This Wearable Beanbag Offers Comfort Anytime and Any Place

The body beanbag goes for about $120.

One new item is going wild on social media and is a couch potato’s dream – a beanbag you can wear!

Developers say that although most of us around the globe spent much of our time at home thanks to the pandemic, that was not what sparked this idea. In fact, it was just an office prototype that got really popular among developers at Japanese manufacturer Takikou Sewing.

One of the wearable beanbag creators told Reuters the concept came from the idea of a cushion that would allow you to totally let go, anytime, anywhere.

That's exactly why these people are plunked down in the middle of Japan’s Mauri Department store. Both said they thought it was fun, cozy and warm.

"It was lighter than I thought, but it's warm. I think in winter you'd feel pretty toasty after putting this on," a satisfied customer told Reuters.

Especially important, since many Japanese homes typically lack central heating.

The body beanbag goes for about $120.

"It makes you a little heavy around the middle, but it's good fun," one customer says, patting the wearable beanbag he's trying on.

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