Kentucky Mom Charged With Murdering 2 Sons Appears Bored as Court Hears Horrific New Details About Shooting

Tiffanie Lucas
Tiffanie Lucas again showed no emotion in court (left) as new details emerged about the deaths of her sons Jayden and Maurice (right).Facebook

A detective testified that Tiffanie Lucas claimed she shot her two sons in the head by 'accident,' then later claimed that she had been manipulated by Facebook and Wi-Fi.

The Kentucky mother charged with murdering her two sons appeared bored in court on Tuesday as testimony revealed horrific new details about the deaths of her kids.

Tiffanie Lucas, 32, sat silently as Detective Richard Beahl took the stand and testified that 6-year-old Maurice Baker Jr. and his 9-year-old brother Jayden Howard both died after being shot in the head.

"I asked Miss Lucas if she meant to hurt her children," Detective Beahl said while on the stand. "She indicated that it was an accident."

Detective Beahl said in court that Sergeant Kyle McAllister of the Hillview Police Department arrived on the scene to find a neighbor rendering medical aid to the two boys.

"Seargeant McAllister also asked the neighbor if the mom shot the children," Detective Beahl said. "The subject pointed to a gun that was lying on the bed and said 'yes.'"

Detective Beahl said that he later spoke with that same neighbor, who told him that he ran in to try and save the boys after encountering Lucas in his driveway.

"He advised me that he pulled into his driveway and when he did, he told me he saw the defendant, Miss Lucas, walking down the steps of his porch and eventually collapsing in his driveway," said Detective Beahl. "When he approached her, she told him that her 'kids were dying.'"

During the course of the investigation, the Bullitt County Sheriff's Office obtained footage from a Ring camera that showed Lucas running out of her house approximately five minutes after four loud noises believed to be gunshots were heard coming from inside the home, said Detective Beahl. 

He then added that the footage also confirmed that no one other than Lucas and her two sons were in the home when those suspected gunshots were heard.

Once in custody, Lucas sat down for a three-hour interview with Detective Beahl.

She told Detective Beahl that someone provided her with the gun and confirmed that only she and her two children were in the home that day.

"I'm so stupid," she said at one point according to Detective Beahl, who testified that Lucas later added that she was "in such a bad spot."

Lucas also told Detective Beahl that she "would never do anything like this unless someone manipulated me" during the interview.

"She made statements that she was being manipulated through Facebook, through the internet or through Wi-Fi ... being manipulated into doing what she did," said Detective Beahl.

After hearing Detective Beahl's testimony, Judge Jennifer Porter said that there was enough evidence and probable cause for the case to be presented to a grand jury and ordered that Lucas continue to be held on a $2 million bond. 

Lucas, who has yet to enter a plea, did not speak in court on Tuesday. Her lawyer did not respond to a request for comment.

Both Maurice and Jayden were still alive but in critical condition when authorities arrived on the scene the morning of Nov. 1, the BCSO said in a press release

The boys were then immediately rushed to Norton Children's Hospital, says the complaint.

Those efforts were not enough to save the boys, who both succumbed to their injuries shortly after arriving at the hospital, according to a spokesperson for the BCSO.

"We did all we could," Col. Alex Payne, the chief deputy with the BCSO, said during a news conference hours after the shooting.

Payne also said that the father of one victim is deceased and that deputies had been unable to identify the father of the second victim.

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