TikTok Star Oneya Johnson Opens up About His Homelessness 

Oneya Johnson

Oneya Johnson became an overnight sensation gaining 1.3 million followers with his reaction video now being watched more than 42 million times.

Oneya Johnson went from an unknown to a TikTok sensation in less than 24 hours by just being himself, gaining 1.3 million followers with his reaction video now being watched more than 42 million times, and no one is more surprised than Johnson, who's been filming the videos out of his car since he recently became homeless.

In late August, the 22-year-old created the account @angryreactions, a pseudo media personality where he reacts angrily to other people’s content.

The posts are entertaining and laugh out loud funny but underneath all the anger and Johnson’s hair-raising voice there are inspiring messages of being kind and good to others.

In the first video that instantly went viral, Johnson filmed himself watching a cake-making video by @bobbyrey, in which a split-screen shows a close-up of Johnson looking angry and watching intently as Rey uses orange frosting to frost a vanilla sponge cake.

In the video, you only see Rey’s hand as she speaks in a soft voice asking why people have to be such harsh critics.

“Can ya’ll stop being mean to me?” she said.

Johnson shouts out, “Who bein mean to you? Who? Who says your cake looks like s***? You point 'em out because your cakes look good!!!”

A few months ago, before his newfound fame, the father of two was sharing a home with his ex in Michigan when his landlord reportedly evicted him. As a result, Johnson moved to his brother’s neighborhood in Lafayette. There, he lived out of his car, where the majority of his entertaining videos were filmed.

According to BuzzFeed, Johnson had been evicted due to complaints from neighbors, who allegedly called the police for overhearing loud shouting matches. Johnson said there were never any charges pressed against him, and that he and his ex are on good terms today.

“Oneya is big and his voice is bigger than mine, so neighbors could only hear him,” said his former partner, Jillian, noting that she and Johnson have “matured after taking a break,” and are committed to working on their relationship.

She also mentioned how proud she was of him and told BuzzFeed the video that has gone viral is a perfect depiction of who he is.

“I was dying laughing. He’s really like that. Everyone has their other side of course. That’s everybody, but he’s a pretty good guy.”

In the meantime, Johnson has since posted many other "angry reaction" videos.

Spencer Kufeld, 17, who is obsessed with TikTok like most kids his age, is a fan of Johnson's and described his videos as "funny, mean and nice."

Johnson gets it since he said he "looks like the angriest person in the world but when you actually get to know me, I'm actually a really positive person."

"I basically took how the world sees me, and how I really am, and just matched it together," he said.

In the meantime, Johnson feels gratitude for all the positive feedback and called his overnight success “insane,” and said "he still can’t believe how fast his account blew up."

In one of his recent videos, he expressed his love to his fans by shouting in an angry tone loudly: “With all the bad things going on in the world right now, I think it’s teaching all of us to appreciate positivity much more.”

Looks like they heard him loud and clear.