TikToker Discovers Cave Under Her Cousin's Pennsylvania House May Be Part of Underground Railroad

Steven Agyeman bought the Harrisburg house back in 2017, and he says this underground tunnel was what sold him on the place. 

TikToker Maya Moody recently shared a video of her cousin giving her a tour of the space underneath his Pennsylvania home. And in the video, she trips and falls. 

“As I was falling, I hurled my phone across the room, and I can’t believe my phone recorded all of that,” Maya said about her TikTok video. “I’m like, ‘this is funny. I’m going to put this on my TikTok page.’ I had no idea the response that would generate. “

It was her fall that got Maya Moody’s TikTok video noticed, but then viewers began paying attention to what she was trying to show them. 

“It is a true cave,” her cousin Steven Agyeman says. “When we say cave, we mean true stalactites-on-the-ceiling, water-dripping... I made a reference to Indian Caverns, which is a local cave here. It’s exactly like that. It’s insane.”

Steven bought the Harrisburg house back in 2017, and he says this feature was what sold him on the place. 

“The first year I was here, it didn’t matter who was here," he said. "The UPS guy knocks on the door, I’m like “Hey, I got a cave, you want to see it?' They’re all just as crazy as me. They’re like ‘oh yeah.’”

But cousin Maya hadn’t gotten a chance to see it until this year. 

Maya mainly uses her TikTok account to promote her cheesecake-baking business. But she thought her viewers would like to see this place, which could have incredible historical significance.

“Harrisburg had a lot of history for safe houses and historical Underground Railroad activity and things of that nature,” Steven said. “We’re trying to prove it with hard facts, but we don’t know for sure. What we do know is that during Prohibition, there was an underground bar, which is pretty cool.” 

Steven is working with local historians to try to find a direct connection to the Underground Railroad. But now that it’s TikTok-famous, a lot of people want to see the cave in person. 

"They’re asking me for tours, and I’m not the homeowner,” Maya explains. “We’re not even sure if that’s a safe thing to do. But people are like, ‘can I get a cheesecake and a tour?’ I don’t know about that, but you can definitely get a cheesecake.”

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