Arrest Made in California Theater Shooting That Killed Rylee Goodrich and Injured TikToker Anthony Barajas

Joseph Jiminez has been arrested and charged with the death of Rylee Goodrich and the shooting of Anthony Barajas. 

A suspect has been arrested in the movie theater shooting that killed an 18-year-old and left her 19-year-old companion on life support.

Corona Police arrested Joseph Jiminez, charging him with the death of Rylee Goodrich and the shooting of Anthony Barajas. 

“We have determined that he acted alone in this murder, attempted murder, and robbery of these two victims,” Tobias Kouroubacalis from the Corona Police said.

“There's no indication there is any kind of motive or reason why this actually happened. No argument, no argument, no disturbance, no contact with the victims prior to, during, or after the movie that we're aware of at this point.”

Goodrich, a college student, and Barajas, a well-known TikToker, went to see the horror flick, “The Forever Purge.”

At some point during the film, both of them were shot, according to authorities. But they were not found until theater employees went in to clean.

Only six people purchased tickets to see that particular showing, including the suspect, but no one has reported hearing gunshots, according to police.

Joseph Jiminez, 20, was booked on the charges of murder, attempted murder and robbery. He and is being held on $2,000,000 bail. He has not been arraigned yet.

“We can't imagine the significant amount of pain that both families and the friends are feeling right now,” Kouroubacalis added. “But we hope the suspect's arrest will bring some relief knowing that he's in jail now.”

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