Tips for Traveling With Food for Thanksgiving

Lifestyle expert Marisa Brahney shared tips about the safest way to transport food and how to save space while packing your vehicle.

More than 55 million people in the United States will be traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday. If you’re traveling with food for your dinner, don’t partially cook it.

Lifestyle expert Marisa Brahney says everything should be fully cooked before transporting it. She says partially cooked foods could introduce bacteria.

“Fully cooked and locking lids are your best friends,” Brahney says. “A locking lid makes such a big difference, not only to keep the food secure. It really helps limit any bacteria when you have limited air getting into the food.”

Brahney says to use shelf liners when packing baked goods.

“It actually prevents things like baked items from sliding around when you’re transporting them to your destination,” Brahney says.

Another tip the lifestyle expert recommends is using one large suitcase for the entire family instead of filling a car with a suitcase per person.

“Did you know that sharing a suitcase can be a huge space saver,” Brahney says. “When you use packing cubes you can divide up the family so you know whose things are whose and it makes it really easy when you get to your destination.”

Around 49 million Americans are expected to travel by car this Thanksgiving, the most since 2019. The American Automobile Association estimates that 90,000 drivers will get stranded between Wednesday and Sunday because of problems with their vehicles, so it would be a good idea to inspect your car before driving. It is important to check your vehicle’s tire treads, oil, lights, and battery.

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