To His Grandkids, Kirk Douglas Was Known as 'Pappy'

The Hollywood star died Wednesday at the age of 103.

Kirk Douglas may have been one of the most popular leading actors of the 20th century, but to his beloved grandchildren, he was simply "Pappy." 

Photos posted by several of his grandkids on Instagram appear to be the last publicly available images of Douglas, who died Wednesday at the age of 103.

Kirk's granddaughter Kelsey shared a sweet image about six months ago of the entire family posing alongside Kirk while gathered outdoors around a table.

"A table of strong jaw lines, large appetites and a shared love for attention," Kelsey captioned the image.

Kirk's grandson Cameron also shared the memory from a different angle with the caption, "#FamilyFirst."

The posts had been flooded with new comments of well wishes and condolences following Kirk's death.

Kirk Douglas was born into an impoverished immigrant family in Amsterdam, New York. He made his film debut in "The Strange Love of Martha Ivers" before skyrocketing to stardom. He soon became one of the most recognizable and prolific actors of the 20th century and appeared in over 90 films over the course of his life. 

His death was confirmed by son and fellow actor Michael Douglas on Instagram. 

"Kirk's life was well lived, and he leaves a legacy in film that will endure for generations to come, and a history as a renowned philanthropist who worked to aid the public and bring peace to the planet," Michael wrote.

On Kirk's 103rd birthday, his grandson Dylan marked the occasion on Instagram.

"They say time changes everything. And to some degree I agree," he wrote. "However, class is timeless, and the undisputed king of class is Kirk Douglas! Happy birthday Pappy 103!!! I love you"