Today on Inside Edition: Did Couple and Homeless Man Use GoFundMe to Scam Donors?

The sweet story that captured America's heart may have all been a scam.

A touching story that highlighted the kindness of strangers and captured America's heart may have all been a scam.

A couple who said a homeless man gave them his last $20 for gas went on to raise over $400,000 on GoFundMe for him. But now all three are being accused of making the story up. Today's Inside Edition looks at the accusations against them.

In California, a high school dance instructor stunned her students when she turned up to teach them just hours after losing her home to the wildfires. She shared her courageous story with Inside Edition.

In Texas, video shows a 3-year-old hitching a ride on a moving garage door the second her mom turns her back to tend to her other child. Watch the startling video here.

And in Ohio, after a family was accused of killing a rival clan in 2016, it emerged that two grandmothers allegedly helped cover up the massacre. See here for the latest in the investigation.

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