Toddler Gets Cake With 'Happy Birthday Loser' Written on It

The toddler didn't have any idea what the cake said.
Melin Jones

It wasn’t until she got home that the mom realized the mistake.

A Missouri mom got a good laugh when she realized her daughter’s 2nd birthday cake read, “Happy Birthday Loser.”

Melin Jones, who lives in Bonne Terre, said she went to pick up a cake at Walmart for her daughter Elizabeth’s birthday and asked the woman at the deli to write “Happy Birthday Lizard,” her daughter’s nickname.

It wasn’t until she got home that she realized what had happened.

“I wasn’t until I was unloading the car that I looked down and saw it said 'Happy Birthday Loser,'” Jones told

She said she immediately started laughing. Once inside, she snapped picture of Elizabeth with the cake and sent it to her husband. 

“[He] thought it was hilarious,” she added. 

Elizabeth can't read yet, so Jones said she had no idea what the cake said. 

Jones said she didn’t have the heart to let the lady know about the mistake because she didn’t want to get her in trouble so she went back and asked for another cake with “Happy Birthday Elizabeth” written on it. 

The mom recently posted a photo of the original cake in a Facebook group called Sad Sales, where it received a ton of likes. 

“I ate every bit of that loser cake,” Jones wrote.