Toddler Jumps Into Filthy Pond During Family Photo Shoot

The boy decided he wanted to take a dip.
Jasmine Tamlin Photography

His dad gave chase, but it was too late.

What was supposed to be a nice family photo shoot quickly went south when a toddler hilariously made a run for a nearby pond.

The Mizzles family were just wrapping a photo shoot in Texas with their three children, and parents Matthew and Haleigh wanted to take some shots of just the two of them. Unfortunately, that’s when their 2-year-old decided he wanted to go for a dip, fully-clothed.

“We laid out a blanket with snacks and set [the children] on it,” Haleigh Mizzles told “[We] went only a few feet away and started taking a few shots. We then noticed Lincoln get up fast and start running toward the pond.”

Matthew chased Lincoln, but it was too late.

“He had just beat us to the edge. Then dad jumped in after him,” Haleigh said.

Photographer Jasmin Tamlin didn’t stop snapping, though. She was able to capture dad knee-deep in the dirty pond while he carried Lincoln out.

It may not have made for the best family photos, but they're definitely the funniest.

“He is always getting into something since he was born. He keeps us on our toes,” Haleigh added. “It was funny 'cause that is just how boys are. His father was a handful as a child as well.”

The mom said they’ll definitely cherish the photos and plan to frame them.