Is Tom Brady a Cheater? A Tale of 2 Science Projects

Two kids with opposing opinions each won science fairs trying to prove their point.

Is Tom Brady a cheater? Two kids with opposing opinions each won science fairs trying to prove their point.

Ten-year-old Ace Davis of Kentucky used graphs and his mom and sister to prove that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was guilty in the infamous "DeflateGate" scandal. Fifth-grader Jayveion Morgan of Tennessee won his science fair by proving Brady was not guilty of deflating footballs.

"DeflateGate" was a 2015 NFL brouhaha over allegations that Brady had footballs deflated in a playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts. The rational behind the accusation was that deflated footballs are easier to hold onto and travel farther when thrown.

The controversy resulted in Brady getting a four-game suspension and the team being fined $1 million. The famous quarterback has long denied the allegations.

Davis' project went viral after his dad posted photos of it on his Facebook page.  

Ace used his mom and sister to throw footballs of various inflation levels. He measured the distance of each throw and calculated the average. His math determined that the most deflated football traveled the farthest. Therefore, Ace posited, Brady had a competitive average. 

"Brady, a cheater. Yessiree," Davis told Inside Edition.

Morgan is just as adamant that Brady is not a cheater.

He inflated two footballs and placed one in a freezer and one in a refrigerator. Both footballs deflated in the cold conditions, he said. That, he says, proves his hypothesis that rapidly changing temperatures during the 2015 game caused the game balls to lose air.

"The truth is right here," the boy said. "Tom Brady is not a cheater!"

Neither boy nor their families will be changing their allegiances before Sunday's big game between New England and Los Angeles.

"Go Rams!" yelled Davis.

"Go Patriots!" screamed Morgan and his family.