Tom Brady Says He Doesn't Want Radio Host Who Insulted Daughter Fired as He High-Fives Nancy Kerrigan

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Tom Brady was in a playful mood Tuesday as he offered an olive branch to the radio personality who insulted his 5-year-old daughter during a radio broadcast last week. 

WEEI radio's Alex Reimer has been suspended indefinitely after calling the quarterback’s daughter, Vivian, an “annoying little pissant” after watching Brady's Facebook docuseries, Tom vs. Time.

Brady, however, says he doesn't want the punishment to go any further.

“I certainly hope the guy is not fired," he told reporters Tuesday. "I would hate for that to happen." 

Among those reporters was Inside Edition’s Special Super Bowl Correspondent Nancy Kerrigan, who gave Brady some encouraging words.

“You are an amazing, gracious champion, I know," she told the NFL icon. "New England is really proud of you. I'm from New England and [I'm] a huge fan." 

Kerrigan also explained to Inside Edition's Megan Alexander what it takes when preparing for a major event and competition.

“It is huge and it can be overwhelming,” she said. “You need to take it in though — you earned that."


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