Tombs and Caskets in Louisiana Washed Away Following Hurricane Ida Flooding

Hurricane idaHurricane ida
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The area has experienced this before especially following the catastrophe brought on by Hurricane Katrina.

In the wake of catastrophic flooding caused by Hurricane Ida last week in Louisiana, tombs and caskets in the town of Lafitte have washed away in the area’s cemeteries, according to 4WWL.

Caskets have been found floating or in some cases even landing on other graves, according to

Lafitte is directly south of New Orleans and was ravaged by Ida’s flooding.

A task force is now looking into the situation and putting the departed back into their final resting places, according to 4WWL.

The Louisiana Cemetery Task Force has been working to ensure tombs and caskets are safely and securely returned. About 15 to 20 caskets are out of place, the organization reported, according to 4WWL.

The Louisiana Cemetery Task Force believes four cemeteries in Lafitte were impacted along with two in Plaquemines Parish. If you find a casket out of place, contact them at 225-937-5707.

This is not the first time that caskets have gone out of place following a major storm. In 2005, following Hurricane Katrina, which altered the city of New Orleans forever, many caskets and tombs from some of the historic cemeteries in the city flooded and were displaced.

Last year, hundreds of caskets were displaced along the Bayou State’s western coast after Hurricane Laura, leading to the Department of Justice's efforts to recover, identify and return caskets where they belong, IHeartMedia reported.

At least 13 people died as a result of Hurricane Ida in New Orleans. The storm left millions without power, according to WDSU.

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