Top Cops: The Stars of Law Enforcement Who Made Us Smile in 2017

From dancing with civilians to stopping to tie a tie, these cops went above and beyond the call of duty.

It may be a police officer’s job to protect and serve, but some went above and beyond to brighten their beats in 2017.

In one case, a special needs man in Charlotte, N.C., who loves all things having to do with being an officer of the law, including handcuffs, hand-held radios and — above all — bright, shiny badges. 

He was given toy versions of all those items, not to mention a compass and a cool pair of shades, in October by Officer Alex Milhazes of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

Milhazes was as excited to give the gift as the man was to receive it. Milhazes said his boss, and his fellow officers, have since seen the newly deputized civilian sporting his equipment around town, and pretending to talk to his buddies in blue on his toy radio.

In September, a Florida police station sheltered dozens of furry visitors after a sympathetic cop adopted stray kittens from the street. 

Two years ago, Officer Gretchen Byrne, 42, started caring for baby cats, paying out-of-pocket for vet check-ups and neutering. She uses social media to find them homes, which makes this officer a star in our eyes.

Sometimes a little gesture goes a long way.

On his way to a job interview in September, Willie Hatcher asked two Missouri cops if they could help him tie his tie. After the officers obliged, the incident was posted on Facebook, where it went viral. 

The St. Louis County Police Department later posted: "Hey guess what! Willie says he got the job!"

One Minnesota cop made an elderly woman’s day and considerably brightened her own.

Millie Seiver, 92, was reportedly seen boogying down alone in the parking lot of her apartment building in August when Sgt. Kim Lenz decided to pull over, blast some music and join her.

They danced to country music duo Brother Osborne's "Stay a Little Longer," and reminded everyone that sometimes you just have to let your hair down and strut to make a difference in the community.