Tornado's Path of Destruction Captured on Camera Inside a Car Dealership

Five people were injured in the tornados. No one was killed.

A tornado barreled through the northeast Thursday night, leaving major destruction in its path. Cameras inside a stretch of car dealerships capture the moment panicked people ran to take cover.

Day turned to night in one dealership garage as the twister roared in, and staff ran for cover. 

At another dealership, workers scrambled and took shelter in a bathroom. Once the tornado passed, they came out of hiding. The showroom was completely destroyed.

Outside, the devastation was even worse, with damaged cars filling up the parking lot.

“We all just started running real quick,” Shahzada Shakeel, who shot the extraordinary video, told Inside Edition. “The lights gave out. Everybody’s in the bathroom. I hear people screaming, crying.”

The strip of car showrooms in Trevose, Pennsylvania, was filled with destroyed vehicles.

At least five people were injured by the tornados. Miraculously, no one was killed.

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