Kansas Storm Chaser Proposes in Front of a Tornado Touching Down

Tom Bedard and Raya Maday are both meteorologists for AccuWeather in Wichita.

A storm-chasing couple drove six hours on the slight chance they might get to see their first twister together. But Tom Bedard had other plans for the tornado hunt — he was looking to make Raya Maday his wife.

The couple are both AccuWeather meteorologists in Wichita, Kansas, and hoped to see a tornado in person for the first time together. 

"My legs were shaking more than they had ever before in my life," Bedard said.

"I have never seen you so nervous — ever!" Maday said.

As the twister touched down, Maday looked in awe and Bedard seized his moment to pop the question. She was shocked and said yes.

"This is going to be a moment I'm never going to forget," Maday said.

Talk about the perfect storm!

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