What May Have Been Another Tornado Batters Central Florida City of DeLand

The Twitter account of the City of DeLand shared footage of the area after what appeared to be a tornado tore through the area.
City of DeLand

An eerie-looking funnel cloud that appeared to be a tornado tore through the city of DeLand yesterday, leaving a trail of destruction trapping some residents in their homes. Some of the homes in DeLand, approximately 34 miles north of Orlando, Florida, had their roofs ripped off, their cars overturned, their tree limbs sliced in two, and their power lines down.

The storm hit around 3:50 p.m. yesterday, according to the National Weather Service.

A video taken by the WESH 2 News showed a potential funnel cloud in DeLand during the tornado warning. However, it was still unclear whether the twister touched down in the area. 

The National Weather Service in Melbourne was sending a team today to DeLand to “survey the damage from a likely tornado,” reported by The Daytona Beach-News Journal.

According to officials, there were no injuries reported last night.

However, deputies from Volusia County are going door-to-door checking on residents amid reports of people trapped in their homes. The Red Cross is assisting, as well.

This wasn’t the first tornado or twister to hit the city of DeLand. 

On Jan. 4, a tornado confirmed by The National Weather Service hit the city of 33,532 (2018 U.S. Census Bureau,) causing an estimated $20,000 in damage.

On April 20, a tornado struck damaging parts of southwest DeLand, according to The Dayton Beach-News Journal. Hundreds lost power.

In 2007, the area was struck by a major tornado that killed 21 and injured more than 70. 


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