Triplets Get Pregnant and Have Their Babies Within Months of Each Other in Odds-Defying Coincidence

Their OBGYN tells Inside Edition that he was seeing each of the sisters separately. Then one day, it clicked.

Triplets are a rare occurrence, but what are the odds of those siblings all being pregnant at the same time? That’s what happened to Nina, Gina and Victoria who were all born four minutes apart in 1985. 

Thirty-six years later, they couldn’t believe it when they found out they were all simultaneously pregnant. 

“My mom freaked, she was like ‘What?’ And then they started crying,” one of the triplets tells Inside Edition.

Their OBGYN was seeing them separately. Then one day, it clicked.

“By chance, they all had appointments on the same day. And so, I asked them, ‘Did you plan this?’ [They said,] ‘No.’ And then I realized, oh my gosh. You’re triplets. You’re all pregnant. You’re all gonna have babies within months of each other,” Dr. Daniel Sternfeld told Inside Edition. 

The sisters say they also had similar cravings while pregnant. 

Now, the three adorable little cousins will surely have quite the triple story to tell!

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