Twin College Basketball Stars Make Their Way to NCAA Championship

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Twin basketball stars are making their single mom proud. 

Caleb and Cody Martin, seniors at the University of Nevada, are both heading to the NCAA Division 1 men’s basketball tournament. 

Their mom, Jenny Bennett, said she got pregnant as a teen and when her parents found out they kicked her out. She worked three jobs to support her boys. 

"I would do it all again," Bennett told CBS News.

Now, they are among the top college basketball players in the country. They could have gone pro last year but decided they wanted to compete in the NCAA championship.

"I don't even know if they understand how proud I am of them," Bennett said. "They've done great."

But the players both acknowledged if it weren’t for all their mom sacrificed for them, they wouldn’t be where they are.

"She didn't fold. It's not in her," Caleb said of his mom. "That's why we are who we are."


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