Twin Sisters Who Married Twin Brothers Each Give Birth to Baby Boys

The babies, who are cousins, are also genetic siblings, because their parents are two sets of identical twins.

They're the identical twins who married identical twins — and now their unique family is even bigger with the addition of two babies!

Brittany and Briana Deane met Josh and Jeremy Salyers five years ago at a twins festival in, of all places, Twinsburg, Ohio.

“We saw them from afar and we thought they were just the most handsome guys,” one of the twins said.

Inside Edition has followed them every step of their relationships, from their double proposal engagement at Twin Lakes State Park, to their walk down the aisle together, tying the knot in a double fairy-tale wedding.

The two couples even moved in together and invited Inside Edition into their home last year after learning they were both having babies.

They both recently welcomed two baby boys, named Jett and Jax. The babies are known as quaternary twins, meaning genetically they are siblings, but they're also considered to be cousins.

So what's life like with this blended family all living under one roof?

“We love all of us living together and having babies that are so close in age,” one of the twins said.

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