Tyler Perry Pays Off More Than $400,000 of Items on Layaway at Walmart for the Holidays

The star said he is grateful to be able to help others.

Tyler Perry is certainly in the holiday spirit, giving more than $400,000 to pay off layaway items at two Walmarts in Georgia.

He announced the donation in an Instagram video Thursday. "If you have a layaway at either place and it was in there as of 9:30 this morning. Then I have paid for all of your layaways for Christmas. So Merry Christmas," he said.

Many were filled with emotion at the director’s generosity. Tears were flowing throughout the stores as people realized what Perry had done. He paid for products for 1,500 people, according to a Walmart spokesperson.

“My mom didn't know how she was going to pay because of the bills and she was going to have to take out a loan,” one child told local station WGCL. “She started to cry and so did I because we were so thankful.”

Perry said he initially wanted to keep the donation a secret, but it didn't work out that way.

"I know it's a hard time, a lot of people are struggling and I'm just really really grateful to be able to be in a position to do this….” Perry said of the gift.