Uber Driver Was Certain He Was 'Going to Die' After Passenger Grabbed Wheel on Highway

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A terrifying struggle between a California Uber driver and his passenger was captured on video, showing the passenger grasping for the wheel as the driver tried to fend him off.

"Don't do that again," driver Dax Castro tells the passenger in dashboard footage of the encounter. "Don't do that again."

But the passenger doesn't heed his warning and reaches for the wheel again.

Castro fights for control of the car before eventually stopping it in the middle of the highway and calling 911 for help. 

Castro told Inside Edition the passenger was behaving strangely from the beginning.

"It started out with him saying, 'Have you ever crashed? You are going to crash,'" Castro said. "... I was sure we were going to die. When he grabbed the wheel, we veered across two lanes of traffic."

The passenger was ultimately arrested for DUI.

Castro is thankful he got to see his family again. "At any moment, life can change," he said.


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