Uber Driver Who Payed for Hotel for Passenger Offered a New Job

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DaVante Williams helped a passenger out because he didn't want to see her stranded during a winter storm in the area.

An Uber driver who did a good deed for someone who was stranded due to a snowstorm has now been offered a new job. DaVante Williams was driving for Uber earlier this month when he picked up a passenger who was traveling from D.C. to Virginia, but the pair became stuck on Interstate 95 for 5 hours due to a winter storm.

He didn’t want to end up stuck on the road without gas while sitting in traffic; but because Williams, 32, realized there was probably no way for the woman to get home as she was taking Uber because her train had been canceled due to weather, he decided to put her up in a hotel with his own money.

"She's telling me she's okay, but I could hear her on the phone talking to family and friends and I can hear that she's just exhausted, emotional, and just tired," Williams told KMOV4.

Williams got the woman checked into a hotel and she was later able to get a family friend to take her home. He said she later texted him letting him know she was safe.

Now, Williams has a job offer with the ridesharing company, Alto, where he will be a lead driver. Williams said he would be training drivers on customer service and maintaining their cars.

"We are thrilled," a spokeswoman for Alto said in an email to CNN. "DaVante is exactly the type of customer and safety focused leader we are looking to help lead our DC presence."

He is looking to work out the details of the job because he currently works full-time as a property manager and realtor.

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