UConn Murder Suspect Peter Manfredonia Possibly Seen at Convenience Store Near Pennsylvania-Maryland Border

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Peter Manfredonia, a 23-year-old college student on the run for an alleged double murder, may have been spotted 180 miles from where he was last seen, according to newly released surveillance photos. Cops say the photos were taken at a convenience store in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, near the Maryland border. 

The University of Connecticut senior allegedly killed two people before kidnapping a third person last Friday, authorities said. He was last seen in the small town of East Stroudsburg, where he was dropped off by an Uber at a Walmart and then set off walking down railroad tracks before disappearing.

The tracks were located in what seemed like the perfect hiding spot from authorities — the Poconos Mountains. The region used to be popular with honeymooners, but it has since fallen on hard times, and is now peppered with abandoned buildings that could have made a good refuge for a fugitive.

Authorities say the murder spree began at the start of Memorial Day weekend, when Manfredonia allegedly butchered 62-year-old Theodore Demers, a good Samaritan who had offered him a ride. Manfredonia then allegedly went on to kill his 23-year-old friend Nick Eisele and then kidnapped Eisele's girlfriend before releasing her 80 miles away in Paterson, New Jersey, according to police.

Police believe a duffel bag Manfredonia is carrying contains guns he stole during the rampage, and have alerted ride-sharing services to be on the lookout for him, since they don't believe he is traveling in his own vehicle.


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