Ukrainians Use Social Media to Shed Light on Plight of War for the World

Olena Ness is one of hundreds of Ukrainian moms reporting on conditions in the war-torn country.

For the millions still in Ukraine, especially in areas under siege, life is incredibly difficult. And the world knows their plight, thanks to social media posts from those trying to survive. 

Olena Ness is staying in Kyiv with her three children and documenting her life as a mom trying to feed her family in a war zone. 

Video she posted to social media showed aisle after aisle of empty shelves. Locally grown vegetables like potatoes and onions are impossible to find, but there was an abundance of imported fruit, like avocados, mangoes and bananas.

Ness is one of hundreds of Ukrainian moms reporting from the thick of the battle. They are even being hailed as the “Mom News Network.” The moms have recorded more than 1,000 videos capturing devastating images of the invasion.

Inside Edition spoke to Maria, a co-founder of the network known as “Dattalion.” She wore a disguise, because she fears reprisals from the Russians. 

“The videos are showing our kids being killed, injured. They're showing houses destroyed. They are showing the courage and bravery of the Ukrainian people,” Maria said.

Ukraine’s first lady Olena Zelenska is also using social media to shed light on the nation’s desperate plight, sharing images of innocent civilians killed by Russian weaponry.

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