United Pilot Arrested for Standing Naked at His Hotel Window Says He Didn't Know Anyone Could See Him

Andrew Collins, a 22-year veteran of the airline, said he didn't think the people below could see him up on the 10th floor.

A United Airlines pilot who was arrested for indecent exposure in his hotel room insists he did not realize anyone could see him as he walked around nude.

Passengers waiting in the Denver International Airport saw Andrew Collins, who's worked for United Airlines for 22 years, standing naked at the window of his 10th-floor hotel room. 

Bodycam video shows the moment authorities arrested him and searched his room during the incident on Sept. 20, 2018.

"Sir, you're under arrest," one officer tells him in the video.

"OK. For what?" he asks.

"Indecent exposure," the officer says.

In an interview with Inside Edition, Collins said he had no idea anyone could see him. He said he had just woken up and was about to take a shower.

"I didn't think even twice, and I'm on the 10th floor," he said. "I opened the curtains — I don't think I even opened them all the way — did a quick assessment of my surroundings. There's nobody outside."

But 10 floors below, in the main terminal, four airline passengers waiting for their flights say they looked up and got an eyeful.

Collins' attorney Craig Silverman took Inside Edition to the same floor at the hotel to show the distance from the terminal.

"It's about 100 yards away, 100 yards or more," he pointed out as he stood by the window. "What can you see from that distance?"

"My client was an innocent, naked man in his birthday suit, talking on the phone, taking in the view," he added.

Collins was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of indecent exposure and spent two days in jail. He was suspended from United for six months and Collins dropped his bid to become president of the Air Line Pilots Association due to the embarrassment.

But last month, the charges were dismissed. Now the pilot is fighting to get his good name back and Silverman is contemplating filing a lawsuit on Collins' behalf.

"It's not a crime to be naked in Denver," Silverman said. 

Collins added, "When you're in a hotel room ... you should enjoy the same privacy as you do in your house. It was ridiculous."