Unvaccinated YouTuber Brandon Ashur Urged Followers to Get Vaccinated Before Dying From COVID-19

Brandon Ashur was known as Bashurverse or Toasty online, and he was 36 years old.

Brandon Ashur was a popular Minecraft streamer and had 1.58 million followers on YouTube before concentrating on Twitch.

The streamer, better known as Bashurverse or Toasty, died of COVID-19 complications this week and used his last few tweets to tell his followers how awful the disease can be.

Ashur called the injections he got in his wrist “a horror.” He promised to show the “worst parts” of COVID so that other people wouldn’t risk experiencing them. 

“It’s hell. Get your vaccine. You don’t want this,” Ashur told his followers from the ICU while on oxygen.

Brandon’s sister Anesa confirmed his death in a Facebook post.

“My brother fought COVID but ultimately lost his battle,” she wrote. “He moved so many people through streaming.”

Brandon Ashur was 36 years old.

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