Urn Filled With 'Possible Human Remains' Found on Side of the Road Returned to Rightful Owner: Cops

An urn was discovered on the side of the road in South Carolina.
An urn was discovered on the side of the road in South Carolina.Handout

The Florence County Sheriff's Department said the urn was turned in by a passer-by, who discovered it on TV Road in Florence, South Carolina.

An urn containing ashes, seemingly abandoned on the side of the road in Florence, South Carolina, has been returned to its rightful owner.

The urn, which was filled presumably human remains, was discovered by a passer-by on TV Road in Florence last Thursday. It was turned over to the Florence County Sheriff’s Office.

Unable to find its rightful owner, deputies shared a photo of the urn on Facebook Sunday and requested public assistance in identifying the urn.

The urn is a distinctive metallic purple, with two ornate silver bands decorated with leaves and flowers.

Luckily, the rightful owner appears to have come forward. In an update shared Monday, the sheriff’s office stated “the responsible party for this item has been located.”

Urns discovered in strange places are apparently not uncommon, especially in South Carolina. Last year, an urn washed up in Myrtle Beach

South Carolina's Horry County Coroner's Office said they receive five or six calls about urns that wash up on shore. They believe the loved ones likely intended to scatter their remains at sea.

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