'Usain Bolt of Pugs' Clenches Title of Fastest in Her Breed for Third Straight Year

Don't let Emma's looks fool you.

A pug named Emma has clenched the title of fastest in her breed for the third time at an annual Germany event held just for the lovably rotund dogs Saturday.

Dubbed the "Usain Bolt" of pugs by the organizers of Berlin's fastest pug race, Emma was defending her wins from 2016 and 2017.

The 4-year-old pooch completed the 50-meter race in just under six seconds, leaving the competition in her dust.

Other pugs needed up to 40 seconds to reach the finish line as they found themselves quickly distracted along the short track.

Win or lose, though, all the pugs looked delighted just to be in each other's smooshed-faced company.