Utah Man Falls 40 Feet From Tree in Accident, Losing Feeling From His Chest Down

Dayde standing with his family

Dayde Collins is suffering from five broken ribs, a broken right shoulder, a punctured lung and a fractured vertebrae.

A Utah man was performing a routine tree removal before tragically falling 40 feet to the ground.

Dayde Collins, owner of Blade’s Tree Removal, fell 40 feet from a tree when his anchor branch broke, hit a shed, and then fell to the ground, according to the family’s GoFundMe page.

“The branch that he was using as an anchor just broke under him," Karly, Dayde’s wife, told Fox 13. 

"An old tree, just disintegrated, and on the way down, he hit another branch and took a lot of trauma to his shoulder, ribcage.”

Dayde is suffering from five broken ribs, a broken right shoulder, a punctured lung and a fractured vertebrae, according to the GoFundMe page.

Karly told Fox 13 that Dayde has been trimming trees for nearly two years and has done hundreds of jobs, but he has never had any accidents happen before.

“He's the most safe person that you can think of," she told the outlet. "He's always told me he wears his harness when he's climbing. He has spiked shoes. He always wears long sleeve shirts just to protect his arms.”

Dayde had back surgery that went well, though he has no feeling from his chest down, Fox 11 reported.

Dayde recently competed in the DEKA FIT global competition while running for the National Guard, according to Fox 13.

"The boy can run 18 miles at the drop of a hat," Karly told the outlet. “The hallmark of Dayde is adventure, and it'll be really hard to transition out of that.”

The Collins family is trying to raise $100,000 to purchase a van with ramps and other accessibility features so they can send Dayde to a spinal center in Colorado for rehabilitation, according to Fox 13.

Dayde’s brain did not suffer any damage, which his family is grateful for.

“The best news about Dayde’s accident is that miraculously he doesn’t have any brain damage, which means he is still my Dayde. Resilient, wildly optimistic Dayde,” Karly said in an update on the GoFundMe page.

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