Vaccine Center in Romania Created a Christmas Tree Made From Empty Vials

And 1,500 miles away in Germany, a family is also showing off their impressive Christmas display.

Staff at one of Romania's largest vaccination centers in Bucharest have built a very unconventional tree.

The vaccine tree, which stands over 10 feet tall, is made up of empty COVID-19 vaccine vials.

Employees have been working hard on the display since early November. They've worked tirelessly, not during work, but on their own time, sometimes staying until 2 a.m. to carefully put each one of the 19,000 vials in place.

And 1,500 miles away in Germany, the Jeromin family is showing off their impressive Christmas display, too.

They are the world record holders for decorations, and this year, they decided to kick it up a notch. They have 444 trees decorated top to bottom with sparkling lights, tinsel, and ornaments in their home.

No two trees are the same, and some even have creative themes like Storm Troopers and Minions.

And with this year's set-up, they're clearly giving deck the halls a whole new meaning.

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