Video Shows Woman Allegedly Steal Stroller, Leave Baby Behind in Store

Bambi Baby says the baby was retrieved, and the store did get the $300 stroller back.

Surveillance video from a baby store in New Jersey shows a woman allegedly stealing a stroller — and leaving behind the apparent reason she needed it.

A group of women were recorded visiting the Bambi Baby store in Middletown last week. The surveillance video shows one of the women walk toward some strollers and spends several minutes attempting to fold one up. When she finally does, she walks out the front doors with it.

But she left behind the child she walked in with.

"I was devastated that someone would leave their child in a store to worry more about stealing a stroller," the store manager told WCBS.

Several more minutes pass by before one of the other women is seen returning to retrieve the forgotten child. 

Police were able to track down two of the three women, who were charged with shoplifting and conspiracy.

Bambi Baby says it did get the $300 stroller back.