Viral Debate: How Many 'Chuggas' Come Before 'Choo Choo'?

It's a burning question that has gone viral.
Credit: Amazon

How many “chuggas” are supposed to come before “choo choo”?

The world wants to know. Well, at least people on Reddit do. 

A new thread asked the question and the answers seemed to vary greatly, though eight seems to be the most popular.

“I would agree with 8, that’s what I have always done,” one user wrote. 

Another joked, “It depends on if the train is going uphill or not.”

The burning question, which has been upvoted more than 27,000 times on Reddit, has made its way onto other social networks now as well. 

“I know I'm late to this, and at first I thought I was doing four but then I realized that I was counting pairs (CHUGGAchugga) so have therefore concluded that eight is the correct number. Less is not enough, more is too many, I somehow feel very strongly about it,” a Twitter user wrote. 

“CHUGGA CHUGGA YAH GET 2. FIGHT ME,” another tweeted.

Could the answer lie with the children's book "Chugga-Chugga Choo-Choo"? In that case, a measly two will have to suffice.


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