'Voice' Winner Discovers He Was Target of Scam After Watching Inside Edition

Craig Wayne Boyd said the discovery blew his mind.

The winner of season 7 of "The Voice” discovered he was being targeted in a scam offering celebrities a trip to Dubai after watching Inside Edition.

“It just blew my mind. [I thought,] 'Oh my god, I am being taken by the same people,'” Craig Wayne Boyd told Inside Edition. 

Former “Baywatch” beauties Donna D'Errico and Krista Allen told Inside Edition they were each offered a large sum of money to speak at an event in Dubai. 

They, along with “Dog The Bounty Hunter” star Duane Chapman, Billy Ray Cyrus, and “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Taylor Armstrong were also targeted. 

Boyd showed Inside Edition the contract that he had signed just two hours before our report aired.

“A lot of the details that they had added in were similar, like the $10,000 wardrobe,” he said. “I called my bank first and my agent second, ‘Let’s stop this now.’” 

Boyd said he is grateful that he put the brakes on the scam before any damage was done.

“Inside Edition, thank you guys so much,” he said. “I think you guys saved me a lot of heartache.”