Waffle House Shooting: Mom of Victim DeEbony Groves Receives College Diploma in Her Honor

Graves was among the four people killed in last month's shooting.

DeEbony Groves' mother walked across the stage at Belmont University's graduation in honor of her daughter, who was killed when a gunman opened fire in a Tennessee Waffle House last month.

Groves was killed, along with three others, when Travis Reinking allegedly began shooting in the Antioch restaurant on April 22. Reinking was arrested after about 34 hours on the run.

As students gathered at the Belmont University graduation Saturday, DeEbony was noticeably missing.

"Almost two weeks ago, our community suffered an unimaginable loss," said Robert Fisher, President of Belmont University. "While our hearts were broken, today we have the chance to celebrate DeEbony's life together."

During his commencement address, Fisher said DeEbony found solace in singing a hymn just moments before she died, WTVF reported.

"And that's the higher power that inspired the last reported words of DeEbony Groves as she and her friend were singing 'Yes Jesus Loves Me' just before she departed that Waffle House for heaven's gate," Fisher said.

At the ceremony, DeEbony's mother, Shirl Baker, and brother, Di'Angelo Groves, received a standing ovation. 

Di'Angelo walked across the stage and received his degree. 

He was supposed to share that moment with his sister. 

Di'Angelo wiped away tears as University officials announced a social work scholarship in DeEbony's honor.