Wallendas Cross Times Square 2 Years After Near-Fatal Fall

There was one hold-your-breath moment when Lijana's harness got tangled.

Nik Wallenda had another successful high wire stunt Sunday, walking a quarter-mile across Times Square 25 stories up.

Joining him on the other end was his sister Lijana, who was so relaxed. 

"I was nervous beforehand until I got to the wire and then I started to relax. I would say about 20 feet in, I was like, ‘this wire feels great. It is solid,'" she told Inside Edition Monday. 

It was their first walk together since that near-fatal accident in 2017 when the troupe's pyramid collapsed during a rehearsal. Five members plummeted to the ground, including Lijana, who broke nearly every bone in her face.

Though the siblings completed their walk on Sunday, there was one "hold-your-breath moment," when Lijana's harness got tangled up after passing Nik on the wire.

Nik had a scary moment of his own.

"I went to actually unclip her and clip her back in and as I did that with my balancing pole – I was wearing these Lulu Lemon pants that were really slippery and I usually wear jeans — so I actually set the pole there and there is a point ... I was teetering," he told Inside Edition Monday. 

After walking across the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls and now Times Square, Nik wants to up the ante — and walk across a volcano. 

"Nik Wallenda walks over a volcano, to me it just falls in line," he said.