Want to Feel Old? The Macarena Topped the Charts 25 Years Ago

Heeeeeey Macarena!

Want to feel old? The smash Spanish hit “Macarena” stormed the charts 25 years ago. And now the dance craze is back as the anniversary is marked on social media.

Los Del Río, the duo behind the mega hit, is reuniting in an ad for AirBnb.

And a new generation of fans are getting in on the fun, joining in the "Macarena challenge" on TikTok.

The song first topped the charts in 1996, spending 14 weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard charts. 

It soon became a sensation all over the world and one of the most successful singles of all time. It was all the rage at the 1996 Democratic National Convention.

Even Al Gore used the song to poke fun at his notoriously stiff personality.

Twenty-five years later, the song is hot once again.

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