Washington State Judge Rips Off Robe and Chases Prisoners Trying to Escape Courthouse

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A judge in Washington State recently took matters into his own hands, chasing after two inmates who tried to make a run for it during a recent court appearance. 

Judge R.W. Buzzard ripped off his robe and gave chase to the two young men who fled his courtroom. 

The inmates in handcuffs headed for the stairs, but the judge raced behind them and closed in as he chased them down. 

They tried to make a dash for the exit, and while one got away, the judge made a desperate lunge for the other and got him.

"I kinda gave him a little shove as I was coming off the stairs to slow him down and just grabbed him and held him," the judge told Inside Edition. 

Authorities apprehended the other suspect a few blocks away and both are now charged with second-degree escape. 


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