Watch an Inside Edition Producer Ride the World's Tallest and Fastest Single-Rail Roller Coaster

The "Jersey Devil" at Six Flags Great Adventure boasts a 13-story drop, 3,000 feet of track and speeds of up to 58 miles per hour.

Hold onto your hat! Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey is reopening with a real doozy: the Jersey Devil roller coaster

At 13 stories tall, with 3,000 feet of track and reaching speeds of up to 58 miles per hour, it’s the tallest, longest and fastest single-rail coaster in the world.

Inside Edition producer Alycia Powers was brave enough to take a test run.

“I normally love rollercoasters, but right now I have a big knot in my stomach,” Powers said before the ride took off.

The safety restraints were secured, then it was time to dance with the “Jersey devil.” Powers closed her eyes and screamed her head off. Then came that 13-story drop.

The ride lasted just 30 seconds, but it felt like a lifetime.

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