What Are the Chances? Lucky Coincidences of 2018

Two women living next door to each other discovered they were sisters and other lucky coincidences from the past year.

Lucky coincidences were a common theme in 2018. 

One reunion was 27 years in the making and occurred at a traffic stop in New Jersey. The driver, retired cop Matthew Bailly, helped deliver state trooper Michael Patterson, who pulled him over, 27 years prior. It was the first time in nearly three decades they met. 

“I think it was divine-inspired. There's no chance this type of thing just happens by accident. We met for a purpose," Bailly told Inside Edition. 

In Wisconsin, Hillary Harris found out she had more in common with her next-door neighbor than a driveway. As it turned out, Harris and her neighbor, Dawn Johnson, were long-lost sisters. 

And then, there were the two baseball players named Brady Feigl. They're both minor-league pitchers in Iowa and look like they could be twins; however, they are not related. 

This year also saw two identical twin sisters deliver baby boys on the same day in the same Los Angeles hospital. 

Check out the video above for more chance events!