What to Do if Your Air Conditioner Breaks During a Heat Wave

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With temperatures soaring into the triple digits across the country, it's a battle to stay cool. 

What happens if your air conditioner breaks? Lifestyle expert Erica Katz demonstrated her tricks for beating the heat.

First, she recommends freezing your sheets so they'll be nice and cool when you tuck yourself into bed at night. 

Want to make your own air conditioner? Katz said to put a bowl of ice in front of a fan. 

And one thing you want to avoid in this summer heat is turning on the oven. So why don't you try outdoor grilling? Lifestyle expert Sydney Sadick showed Inside Edition her hacks for helping make your summer barbecue a breeze. 

Did you know you can use Doritos to light your charcoal grill? The chips can burn for a long time, enabling the charcoal beneath to catch light. Plus, said Sadick, you're not getting that smell that comes from lighter fluid. 

So once you've got your grill going, what's next? Cooking a burger. The trick to making sure your meat stays juicy is placing an ice cube on top of the burger as it cooks, Sadick said.

"If you put one on at the beginning, you're going to get the juiciest burger that you could ever imagine," she told Inside Edition.

You can also use a dollop of butter, she added. 


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