What Happened to Kimberly Belluomini? New Developments in 20-Year-Old Hawaii Cold Case | Inside Edition

What Happened to Kimberly Belluomini? New Developments in 20-Year-Old Hawaii Cold Case

Kimberly Belluomini, left, was raped and murdered in October 2000. Now, new evidence had led to the arrest of Anthony Moreno, right.

This comes following suspect 59-year-old Anthony Moreno's arrest last December in connection with her rape and murder.

Kimberly Belluomini of Maui was found dead in her apartment in October 2000 after a night at a bar. Last month, Maui police said they have new developments in blood DNA that is leading to “significant evidence” in the cold case.

The Maui Police Department said in a statement Thursday that “DNA recovered from a blood sample from evidence near the decedent belonged to Belluomini.”

That DNA was swabbed and sent to a laboratory in February 2020.

Additionally, police said “DNA recovered from blood samples from other evidence found at the crime scene” seemed to place suspect Anthony Moreno at the scene that fatal night of October 2000.

Belluomini was last seen at Henry’s Bar in Kīhei, according to police. Authorities said she and Moreno went back to her apartment at South Point and Belluomini was found dead the following morning.

Former coworker Stacy Ovendale, who continues to be in contact with Belluomini’s family, says she believes Belluomini was unknowingly drugged and Moreno jumped into a cab home with Belluomini without her consent, Ovendale told Maui Now.

Moreno was interviewed as a person of interest in the case but no charges were brought against him at the time, authorities said.

But Moreno, now 59, was arrested in December 2019 in connection with Belluomini’s rape and murder. He was living on a boat docked in a marina in West Palm Beach in Florida at the time and was arrested by Palm Beach Sheriff’s Marine Unit.

Moreno’s bail is set at $1,000,000 and he is currently awaiting extradition to Hawaii.