What Suzanne Somers Thought as She Posed Naked at 73

The actress celebrated her birthday in her birthday suit.

Suzanne Somers doesn't regret posing nude. 

The 73-year-old celebrated her recent birthday by posting a photo of herself in her birthday suit. But the image sent social media into a tailspin, with some criticizing her for showing off her body. 

"Why would she do that? Not a pretty sight," one person wrote. 

Others loved it. "You look amazing!" another said. 

Somers told Inside Edition that the picture was an act of spontaneity, taken on her estate in Palm Springs by her loving husband, Alan Hamel. She whipped off her dress at the last moment because it was ruining the aesthetic. 

"I went, 'Take my picture, the grass and my hair are the same color,' and then I thought, 'Oh, but the dress is going to wreck the picture,' so I took my dress off," she recalled. 

Asked if she has a message for others, Somers hopes it helps other women feel more confident about aging.