This Woman Throws Birthday Parties for Children Who've Never Had Them

The nonprofit Beverly's Birthdays brings fetes to children in Pittsburgh who've never had one. 

When Megs Yunn met a little girl named Beverly who'd never had a birthday party before, she knew she needed to help her.

That's how the nonprofit Beverly's Birthdays was born, bringing fetes to children in Pittsburgh who've never had one. The organization works with 68 social service agencies and 88 low-income schools to provide 30,000 birthdays to children annually. 

Yunn told that her favorite part of the job is knowing that she is making an impact on the children she works with.

“I get to wake up every day and help people know that they matter," she said. "I have the job of celebrating people, that's so cool."

Besides planning birthday parties, the organization also provides cheer bins to children as presents.

“You get a big gift, a smaller gift. We customize them, we always put a toothbrush and toothpaste, and then we put coloring books and crayons,” said Yunn. “We have a birthday workshop assembling birthday packages, which is super fun.”

Yunn’s goal is to continue creating birthday magic for children over Pittsburgh she also wants to invite others to get in on the fun.

“We always say if you are personally interested in being able to do Beverly's Birthdays, give us a call,” said Yunn. “I’ll let you know how you can start spreading cheer in your own community.

"It's really simple: You just ask people ‘How can I help?’ and then you help."