Dad Left in Charge of Morning Routine Accidentally Sends 3-Year-Old Daughter to School Without Pants

3-year-old Brooklyn ended up wearing her underwear to class.
Brooklyn, 3, ended up wearing her underwear to class.Courtesy of Aliza Friedlander

“In his defense, from the front with the long shirt, they did look like bike shorts,” his wife joked.

Talk about a fashion faux-pas!

A Baltimore dad left in charge of getting his daughter dressed for school ended up sending 3-year-old Brooklyn Friedlander to school in her underwear.

To dad Brad Friedlander’s credit, the little girl did tell him they were shorts.

“In his defense, from the front with the long shirt, they did look like bike shorts,” mom Aliza Friedlander told

Aliza explained that she has been a stay-at-home mom for the last six years ever since she had their elder daughter. She started working again part-time a few months ago and had an early morning work event when she left her husband in charge.

“He’s usually the one who leaves early, he has a demanding job,” Aliza said. “So we switched. I took that morning to get myself ready and he took care of their kids.”

She said her husband had been doing an exceptional job, making them a nutritious breakfast, packing their lunches and even cleaning their newly pierced ears.

The two girls get dressed on their own every morning, and Brooklyn took longer than normal that particular morning.

“She unlocks the door and she was wearing a long shirt,” Aliza explained. “[Brad] said, ‘What are you wearing?’ and she said, ‘I’m wearing shorts.’ He’s like, ‘OK.’”

Brad dropped Brooklyn off with his mother-in-law at their Tuesday morning music class, who quickly noticed something weird about the outfit.

“She thought they were shorts initially, and I guess she saw her from behind and she’s like, ‘Wait something’s not right,’” Aliza said.

Brooklyn’s grandmother whispered to another mom, who confirmed Brooklyn’s boo-boo: she was wearing underwear to school.

Not only was she wearing underwear in lieu of pants, they were a pair of potty training underwear and she put on her normal underwear underneath.

“This is not out of character,” her mom joked. “I think part of her thought they were shorts but I’m not entirely convinced that she wasn’t just this 3-and-a-half year old girl playing tricks on her father”

Luckily, they had an extra pair of pants on them and had Brooklyn quietly change before resuming their normal music class activities.

When Brad and Aliza found out, they could hardly believe it. But they quickly laughed it off.

“It’s really funny because Brad, he’s an incredibly capable human being and an incredibly hands-on father,” Aliza said. “Of course this would happen at my first work event.”