What to Do If You Get Bitten by a Venomous Snake

It's important to identify the snake and seek treatment for anti-venom, if necessary.

Marshall Mosher was mountain biking on Atlanta's Sope Creek Trail when he was bitten by a snake. His quick thinking and calm demeanor are exactly what experts recommend you follow if it happens to you. 

Instead of panicking, Mosher went after the snake to identify it and discovered it was a venomous copperhead. Though rare, its bite can kill.

"One of the first things that we're supposed to do is identify what the snake is. If you get bit by a venomous snake, you need to know what the type is so you can get the anti-venom," Mosher told Inside Edition.

He then enlisted Siri on his iPhone to find the closest hospital with anti-venom. The whole time, he remained completely calm, even cracking jokes to his friend.

After 30 minutes, there was no inflammation and no pain. He then determined it was a dry bite. In other words, the snake bit him, but did not release venom.

"It takes a lot of resources for that snake to make that venom and it doesn't want to waste it if it doesn't have to," Mosher said. "It was more of just a warning bite than anything."