How to Do the 'Stingray Shuffle' and Keep Yourself From Getting Stung

Stingrays often inadvertently sting people when they're stepped on, but there is a way you can protect yourself.

There is a stingray alert after a rash of attacks in San Diego.

Fifteen swimmers at one beach in San Diego were stung by the rays, which carry venom in their tails. Even just a glancing swipe can burn like fire. 

Stingrays bury themselves in sand, often in shallow water, and sting when someone inadvertently steps on them.

There are ways to minimize the risk, however. One method is called the “stingray shuffle.”

Pono Barnes of the Los Angeles County Fire Department showed Inside Edition how to do the "shuffle." 

Barnes said that you should keep both feet in contact with the sand and just shuffle forward into the water. That way you kick up the sand, and any stingray that's in your way gets the idea you're coming and takes off.