What's It Like Having Quintuplets? Busy Parents Reveal Their Day-to-Day Schedule

"It’s absolutely crazy."

What’s it like being parents of quintuplets?

"It’s absolutely crazy," according to Briana and Jordan Turner of Kentucky.

The Turners explain that every day, their babies go through 60 diapers, 40 bottles of milk, and are changed 20 times between the five of them.

"We are feeding every 30 minutes because as soon as the last baby is fed, you’re back to feeding the first one," Briana joked in an interview with Caters News. "The cycle starts again. It is a bit like an assembly line."

She said the entire process would be impossible without the help of their live-in nanny and Briana’s mom, who help out daily.

When it’s time to venture out, Briana said they usually split up the work, taking only two or three of the kids out at a time.

"It’s definitely a huge task taking them out and we attract a lot of attention," she explained. "We had to get a van as soon as they were born — obviously our standard car didn’t fit them — but even that's a squeeze."

But, their five little bundles of joy — Zoey, Dakota, Hollyn, Asher and Gavin — are a blessing, they said.

The pair had been trying to have kids for two years through fertility treatments.

They were ecstatic when a pregnancy test finally revealed they were pregnant, but when the doctor counted five tiny embryos at their first ultrasound, Jordan said he "almost passed out."

While they have more or less adjusted to their busy life, Briana insisted that they don't plan on having any more.

"Oh my goodness, we are done," she joked.

To support the family, visit their GoFundMe page or Amazon Wishlist.