What's It Like to Fly a Jetpack in Real Life?

Inside Edition reporter Victoria Recano went to JetPack Aviation in Moorpark, California, to find out.

Jetpacks have long been an iconic representation of “the future,” but the truth is: they already exist! 

And the technology has gotten a lot better than when the idea took off in the 1960s. 

So what is it like to fly on a jetpack? We sent Inside Edition reporter Victoria Recano for a lesson at JetPack Aviation in Moorpark, California.

“The thing that makes it safe is the remote control system. So no matter what the trainee does, we can take control away from them,” David Mayman said.

It’s the only place in the world that makes high-powered jetpacks and trains people how to use them. Mayman says you can go up to about 30 feet in the air using their jetpacks. 

Watch the video in the player above to see a demonstration.

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