Pilot Giving Flying Lesson Can't Believe Her Eyes When She Catches 'Jetpack Man' Soaring Above LA on Camera

"I kept saying, no way, no way can that be the jetpack man!” Brandy Fogelman told Inside Edition. The flight instructor is the fourth pilot to report seeing a guy with a jetpack above Los Angeles this year.

Earlier this year, pilots for American Airlines, JetBlue and China Airlines reported seeing a "guy in a jetpack" in the airspace above Los Angeles International Airport on two separate occasions. The incidents, captured in exchanges between the pilots and air traffic control, were being investigated by the FBI.

Now, another pilot says she spotted what appears to show someone flying a jet pack. And this time, the sighting was caught in jaw-dropping video. Brandy Fogelman, a flight instructor at Sling Pilot Academy, recorded the video last week during an instructional flight with a student.

“We just thought maybe it was an airplane, but as we got closer we realized it was too small, so we thought maybe it was a drone or balloons or something like that. But the closer we got to it, it looked more and more like a jetpack man,” Fogelman told Inside Edition.

“We were both super excited, we really couldn't believe it. I kept saying, no way, no way can that be the jetpack man!” Fogelman continued.

Authorities are taking the incidents very seriously as a potential danger to pilots and passengers.

One theory is that the jetpack may actually be a mannequin attached to a drone.

“Yeah, it absolutely could be a mannequin and a drone, we didn't get close enough to tell,” Fogelman said.

The pilot said she’s speaking with the FAA and FBI about the footage.